How Supreme Court in Poland Works?


Poland is in Central Europe with an area of 312,685 sq km. It’s the 9th largest country in Europe. It borders Russia, The Slovak Republic, Germany, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Belarus, and Lithuania. It has the best judicial systems in Europe.


The Poland judicial system


It’s in the act of Poland judicial systems functions of offer the legal and the courts’ authorities’ proceedings takes place by the law of its Constitutional doctrine and the legal status of the judge. It gives dualism provision of the judiciary in their Constitution, and they are organized as Court and tribunals.


Ordinary courts are as follows:


  • Court of the districts – They allow first instances of all cases with a few reserved to the competence court.


  • Court of the regional – First instance court in cases of murder, robbery, fraud, etc


  • Court of the provincial – Appeal court on decisions of the district court• Court of the appeal- act as a court of appeal on decisions of the regional court


Supreme Court


The most significant court in Poland’s land is called the Supreme Court. They investigate appeals against judgments of the Regional Administrative Court. It gives an excellent remedy from the decision of the second instances previous court.


Their main functions of Supreme Court are:

Be the chief organ of a state audit of


  • Country’s Central Bank, the Poland government organizations, the state legal persons and other State organizational units regarding the economy


  • Check the validity and economic wisdom, utilize State or communal property or resources or satisfy financial obligations to the State as well as the operations of other organizational units and economic subjects


  • Audit the Legal groups with all activities of the local government and the businesses.

Sejm and how it subordinate through

Scrutiny of the budget and the implementation of monetary policies of the state

Gives the view concerning the vote to accept the accounts for the preceding by the Council of Ministers presented yearly;


iii. To provide results of audits, the conclusions, and submissions specified by statute.

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The president is the head of the Supreme Court


  • He she is appointed by the Sejm, with the consent of the Senate. The president will be in tenure for six years for two terms only.


  • The President shall not belong to any political party affiliations, a trade union or perform public operations incompatible with the dignity of his/her office.


  • He/she should not be any holder of any other public offices except in the institution of higher learning. The Sejm must have full informed when the president of the Supreme Court has committed an offense. He/she shall not be tried, arrested or retained. If at all he is arrested, Sejm must be notified immediately of such arrest.